Statement from Randy Boissonnault: New Alberta COVID Restrictions

Statement from Randy Boissonnault: New Alberta COVID Restrictions

September 15, 2021

Tonight’s announcement was an admission by Jason Kenney’s Conservative government that their irresponsible, ineffective, and anti-science approach to addressing this pandemic has been a total failure.

Once again, the premier’s abdication of leadership and failure to take steps to protect public health have brought our healthcare system, our economy, and our communities to the brink of disaster.

Getting here was avoidable, the warning signs were clear, as were the solutions: a careful approach to lifting restrictions this summer, support for health workers, clear messaging to remind people to take precautions, and the earlier implementation of vaccine certificates

At every stage, there were actions the Premier could have taken. Instead, he refused in order to satisfy fringe elements and hard liners within his own caucus. Now, it is Alberta families and Alberta businesses that will pay the price. 

Of course, Albertans will once again do what they must to protect our families and community from this disease. These new measures are necessary, it is unfortunate that they waited so long and must now take strict actions that will penalize those who have done the right thing.

Tonight Albertans learned they will once again pay the price for the failures of Jason Kenney. We deserved so much better.