“I Can Help The Community Too”

“I Can Help The Community Too”

August 27, 2021

I just got in from the doors in Parkview and I wanted to share a story that has had me smiling all evening.

I knocked on a door early on and met a woman who let me know she was open to supporting us in our campaign. It turned out she is an accountant and we started going over the different dollars and cents of our recent announcements. 

As we were discussing our housing announcement, her eight year old daughter poked her head out the door. “Mommy,” she said knowingly, “he wants to represent us in Ottawa”. 

I told her that she was right and began asking her about her interest in the election. I also let her know that, if I am elected, I planned to restart my Edmonton Centre MP Youth Council. Then I told her that I hoped when she was older she would be able to join.

She nodded her head, knowingly, once again. “That would be good,” she assured me. “Then, I can help the community too.”

Elections take on a life of their own in peoples’ minds. The national tours, the polls, the punditry, the important debates … the less important ones too. Today, an eight year old reminded us why we are all doing this.  If we win, we can help the community too.

Twenty-five days to go. Let’s keep it up.